Mexican Ape-Lord (ex-Meliah Rage) Signs to Unable Records

New Jersey-based independent record label Unable Records has announced that it has signed the Boston-based powerhouse Mexican Ape Lord.  Formed in 2013 by Meliah Rage guitarist and co-founder Anthony Nichols and The Bags’ vocalist and bassist Jon Hardy, Mexican Ape-Lord plays a unique and edgy brand of heavy metal.  With this being the second metal release this year, Unable Records, historically a punk label since 2007, is continuing the momentum gained by the outside-of-the-box signing of heavy metal band Mongrel in April.

In the initial stages of this new contract, Unable Records will re-release and service Mexican Ape-Lord’s debut album entitled The Late Heavy Bombardment.  Originally self-released by the band in January 2014 in a digital-only format, Unable Records will expand the reach of the album with global distribution and the pressing of CDs.  The reissued version of The Late Heavy Bombardment will contain remastered tracks and expanded album artwork.

Brave Words said The Late Heavy Bombardment “is a balls-out metal album...from two icons of the Massachusetts metal scene” and Maximum Metal raved that it is “grooves galore from Meliah Rage guitarist Anthony Nichols. Check them out!”

While talks continue regarding additional releases, look for the Unable Records reissue of Mexican Ape-Lord’s full length album, The Late Heavy Bombardment, coming June 17, 2014.  For more information please visit or

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