Rockett Queen's Walter Lee Gives Us Some Studio Time Discussion

Rockett Queen delivers true rock n' roll that really hooks you in and while they released an EP "Goodnight California" the band is hard at work writing, recording, doing everything that needs to be done in the studio for their follow-up release. Frontman vocalist/guitarist Walter Lee discuss the band's current studio time and plans for the future.

1. What type of band are you guys?

Walter: A straight up Rock N Roll band!!

2. Who write's the songs, what are they about? Who are your influences?

Walter: Mainly Walter Lee but on the new record we've branched out and written with everyone from producer Zac Maloy (Skillet, Shinedown, Theory of a deadman) As well as Reid Henry (My Darkest Days). They are range from anything from love lost to Social Change. A large spectrum of subject matter goes into writing a Rockett Queen record. As far as influences go, we come from a wide range of Rock n Roll, Punk Rock and Metal.

3. How did the band get it's name?

Walter: The band name came about back in late 2002 before Guns N Roses was back playing shows again.
The musical climate in those days didn't have very much real RnR band, So we decided that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to make it evident as soon as you heard the name that you we’re going to get a good RnR band. So we decided to go with a track from Appetite for Destruction “Rocket Queen. Then we added and extra T as to forgo any future legal matters. Haha!

4. Can you tell me a brief summary as to how the band came to be and where is the band from?

Walter: In early 2003 we knew we wanted to do something different in music. “Rock” music had gotten too safe and boring. We wanted to remind people what made music fun again. To make Rock music important! So Rockett Queen was born. We’re based out of Tyler Tx.

5. What title did you decide to go with for this album and is there a meaning behind it?

Walter: Right now we haven’t decided on a title for the new record. We've been kicking around a few ideas but haven’t officially landed on just one.

6. Is this album going to be a concept release?

Walter: It’s not a concept record but its definitely a cohesive album. All the subject matter fallows an interesting timeline from the writing standpoint.  

7. Where are you in the recording process of the new album?

Walter: Right now were finishing some of the mixes and final touches on a few of the songs. We aren't sure yet if we’re done recording but we’re extremely close to being done.

8. Who is producing the album?

Walter: The album is being produced by Zac Maloy and co produced by Walter Lee

9. Where did you record the album?

Walter: Almost all of the record has been done in Nashville Tn. Minus some odds and ends being done in LA and Texas.

10. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

Walter: We just wanted to make the best Rockett Queen record we could make. We always push ourselves on every new release not to repeat what we've done on the previous record and I think we've accomplished that ten fold with this new one.

11. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Walter: Nothing really “new” just rock guitars vocals drums bass. Some keys and orchestration which are always good to add depth to the record. We did get crazy with a harmonica the other day, that was new. But we’ll see if that actually makes the record or not. LOL!

12. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about?

Walter: Sure! lets see you've got “Time Bomb” which is really about that failing relationship that you can’t seem to drag yourself away from even tho you know in your heart its not good for you. The toxic side of love so to speak. Then on the other side of the spectrum you've got a song like “We Live Here”, which is about pushing people to the breaking point. We as a people can only accept so much before we instinctively lash out. Its about the breaking point of being FORCED to fight back and save your own life even if its not your natural instinct to do.

13. How is the vibe in the studio going for everyone?

Walter: Oh the studio is GREAT! We get to enjoy working with incredibly talented people in a truly inspiring musical city (Nashville) It’s pushed us out of our comfort zone and I think really made this record  stand out from previous Rockett Queen releases.

14. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Walter: We don’t have an official release date for the record yet but I’m hoping in 2014. We’re shopping it right now, and once we find it a good home then the real fun begins.

15. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Walter: Hopefully LOTS of touring in the near future. Even tho we feel this is the best record we've ever done, we feel we’re best when we are on stage.

16. Is that your final answer?

Walter: I don’t know? Can I get a lifeline?

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