Blood of the Martyrs's Bobby Discusses Latest Release and Show Performance

Blood Of The Martyrs is a Christian metal act who have played shows, released material, and don't have any intention on stopping what they enjoy doing best. Bassist Bobby Huatori gives some insight into the band's latest release and how they get down for show performances.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Blood Of The Martyrs, and how long the band has been together.

Bobby: My name is Bobby and I currently play bass for Blood of the Martyrs, which has been around since late 2007.

2. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Bobby: In brief, the band started out with me and a few high-school friends in Fall of 2007. Some people left, new people came, slowly we progressed and became more serious as a band. We released a few demos/EPs through 2008-2010 but released our first professional studio album (Once More, With Feeling) in 2011. Since then we started touring and are now currently averaging 150+ tour dates a year.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Bobby: We are based from a college town in Virginia called Farmville. We use to have a small coffee shop called the Mad Hatter that would host shows and provided a place for the scene to grow and thrive, unfortunately, when it shut down there was no where else to play, so the scene that  had grown slowly fizzled out along with most of the bands. Our good friends in I Am The Kid are one of the few bands still around and have been around about the same amount of time as us, so for that I would definitely recommend checking out those dudes.  

4. You guys are currently a DYI type of act why did you want this path in particular? Do you want to evenutally get signed with a label or stick to the DYI thing?

Bobby: Just the way things have worked out so far, we don't particularly have an issues with labels and have a few that we would love to work with, however we want to make sure that it benefits us and provides solid longevity to our career. As of now DIY works for us, but we are always welcoming to new partnerships and opportunities.

5. Did you do any forms of celebrating when your album Completionist was released?

Bobby: We didn't really celebrate or anything when it was released.

6. Who produced Completionist and what was it like working with them?

Bobby: We worked with Jamie King for this album. Great guy and great producer, definitely keeps the bands best interest in mind and provides some solid input where needed. Super good experience working with him.

7. Is there any story or concept behind the Completionist title?

Bobby: The word "COMPLETIONIST" is a termed usually used in the gaming community and refers to completing a huge achievement in a game or all the achievements in a game. We took the idea and applied it to real life terms. Seeking out and finding that true purpose and calling and then against all odds achieving it, essentially becoming a "COMPLETIONIST".

8. Who did the cover art for Completionist and how much input did you have on it?

Bobby: We had a tattoo artist/friend do the artwork for us. They are an amazing artist, so we basically provided the concept and direction. I still have the original hand-painted masters, they are awesome to look at from time to time.

9. Can you select two songs from Completionist and tell us what inspired the lyrics.

Bobby: Most of the lyrics are derived from either personal experiences or thoughts that I have really analyzed over time. Its hard to pin-point just two haha.

10. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Bobby: We want to show people that they matter. A lot of people go through their lives not realizing their true-worth and potential, we just want to validate the fact that everyone has the capabilities to achieve something great in this world. We just want to be able to relate.

11. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Bobby: There are just way to many to even list. Ha! It can range from movie instrumentals, to completely unheard of bands, to everyday radio artist.

12. How did you guys come to get your band name and does it have a meaning to it?

Bobby: We pulled the name from the book of Revelations, in hindsight we really didn't put much thought into the name sadly. However the name does relate to a quote from the 2nd-century Church Father Tertullian wrote that "the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church," implying that the martyrs' sacrifice leads to the greater good of the kingdom of Christ. So we thinks that's a pretty cool ideal.

13. What could one expect from a Blood Of The Martyrs show?

Bobby: We try to have fun and provide a lot of energy, also one could probably expect some guitar spins. Ha

14. How do you promote your band and shows?

Bobby: We strive to promote ourselves as professional as possible.

15. Describe your show, visual and musically for us.

Bobby: Just come out to a show and find out yourselves ;) haha!

16. What do you do to get ready for a show?

Bobby: Stretch and drink a ton of water!

17. Any final words?

Bobby: Come out to a show and get to know us! We are just a bunch of guys playing music and love meeting new people. Take care and God Bless!

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