Kill Devil Hill's Rex Brown says His Door is Wide Open for Possibilities!

Kill Devil Hill, Pantera. and Down what do these bands have in common? Well bassist Rex Brown he's played in both. As of now he's been focusing upon Kill Devil Hill with the release of their two full-length albums, releasing his own life story in terms of a book, with his door wide open with Pantera possibilities! Bassist Rex Brown took some time to talk one on one about everything and what the future holds!

1. What can you tell me about your latest album "Revolution Rise" that hasn't already been said about it?

Rex:  I just think it was our second record and the timing of when we put it out 2 records, 24 songs, within a year's period of time, so when we did "Revolution Rise" we had more time to do it with our schedules and did it all in chunks, 3 songs here, 3 songs there, waiting 2-3 weeks or whatever. Then got the songs put together to go onto the record nailing it altogether. Looking back, it gave us more time to look at the songs, giving us more of an approach to the record, and it's just a bigger and badder expression of who Kill Devil Hill is and what these songs were about. A lot of bands these days take about 3-4 years to release records back to back, even though it came out in November of this last year we just had a lot more time to get everything together the way we wanted it to turn out.

2. Did you get everything that you wanted on this release or were there some songs that didn't make the cut or certain things that you wanted to do but didn't get too?

Rex: No I think that we got everything we had to say on this record. We got everything we wanted at that point and time in this point of the game,  so no we do have tons of material we write all the time but there wasn't anything left that I can pin point we pretty much got it all on the record. It's one of those records that came out at the right time, it's still doing decently well around different places across the country, now it's just the starting point of touring, having to replace drummers recently, we have a wonderful drummer now, and we just got back from playing some shows and will be heading out to some other festivals and just touring and playing more shows.

3. Do you have any new music in the works in terms of a follow-up?

Rex:  Well we do, we have about 8-9 months of touring in front of us, why would we want to go back into the studio when we can finally tour with this band. That's the main point of us getting to as many people as we possibly can, there are certain things we want to do, we want to play shows and we couldn't do it before, there was no issue with Vinny being there, everything was fine, but now we have moved on and want to just get out there and play in front of people. I don't understand why a lot of bands already have material ready or have extra material from the recording session, I can tell from my experience you get a record out and tour as much as can, I don't want to take 3 to 4 years to get a record out ya know?

4. Whose choice was it when it came down to former drummer Vinny Appice leaving the band?

Rex:  It came to a point of him having other projects and we wanted to tour, there was nothing personal or anything like that at all. So we rehearsed non-stop after getting our new drummer and shows have been great, with Vinny no disrespect but we didn't really play that many shows,  we want to get the most out of this record and touring and playing shows.

5. Do you see Kelly to be in it for the long run or do you think Appice will make a comeback?

Rex: No, no, no, it's not Vinny this or that it's yay Jonny's in the band is now a permanent member.  We can go jam! There's no conflict there Johnny is now a permanent member of the band.

6. Do you ever get tired of being asked Pantera questions?

Rex: No because it's just a big part of me as a musician, so no don't have that problem.

7. What are your thoughts on Pantera getting back together IF it were to ever happen?

Rex: My door is wide open, Phil's door is wide open, we both said it so much we're blue in the face, until we get all on the same page, I would love it to be a tribute to Dime, I can't take it any further than that I am up for it and ready. Metal Master's we played 5 Pantera songs, playing with your brother, the songs are very strong songs, we influence a lot of people to them, being fair, I enjoy doing it, I would do it again with Vinny.

8. IF they did come back how do you think they would do it, in terms if showcases, would you want to see a 1 time ordeal or a fully fledged tour or a handful of shows?

Rex: I'm not going to contemplate on it, if it happens I am all for it, I will put everything on hold to do that.

9. Do you think all the members of Pantera would ever be together again under the same roof, like if you guys won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or any other BIG achievement?

Rex: What I just said about it being a part of my life, I would like it very much but we would have to see what happens, my door is wide open.

10. Are there any other side projects that you have going on?

Rex: No really focusing on Kill Devil Hill, I have ideas writing all the time, there was a lot of stuff cut out of that book, how do you put your life story in just 300 pages? There were a lot of funny anecdotes left on the cutting room floor,  but as of right now all I've been wanting to do is play some shows!

11. What else do you guys have planned for this year and the future?

Rex:  Just want to jam if that's okay?

12. Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Rex: No, just come out, if you're expecting us to sound like another band I was in, you're not going to get it, just come out and see Kill Devil Hill live, you won't be left disappointed let me put it that way.

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