Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness

The one man music machine Joel Grind has returned since "The Yellowgoat Sessions" released earlier this year. Now he's returned to the Toxic Holocaust frontier with their fifth album "Chemistry of Consciousness". The follow-up to 2011's "Conjure and Command" this time Toxic Holocaust has returned to its roots having this release be more thrash metal based and more aggressive than its previous processor. For instance "Rat Eater", "Acid Fuzz", "Deny the Truth", and "I Serve", really captures that earlier essence from the "Evil Never Dies", "Hell on Earth" and an later "An Overdose of Death" days. The guitars, drums, and vocals remain just as brutalizing and progressive and aggressive as they were then. This album is by far thrash metal material from front to back making this one of Toxic Holocaust's best albums to date, bringing back the old to the newer generations of the thrash metal scene.

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