The Exploding Boy's Counts to Four

Independent-pop-goth-post-punks The Exploding Boy have been hard at work writing and recording for their follow-up release to 2011's "The Black Album". Now that some time has passed their latest album simply titled "Four" takes their musical trait to a whole new level. A few of the band mates got together to discusses this achievement and future plans in-store.


1. You guys have released your fourth album to date entitled "Four" - what comes to mind?

JOHAN: Have we already made four albums? Fuck we're good!

STEFAN: Well done guys, now we just sit back and let the world be amazed.

NICK: The new great album, even greater than the last one!

2. So how does this release compare, differ, and evolve from "The Black Album"?

Stefan: The release it self differ in that way that we have a bigger record company backing it up this time, which means less job for us when the album was recorded - aka, good times.

Johan: I feel there is a bit from all of our albums in this one.

Nick: For this one we have a bigger budget and I think you can hear that in the sound.

Johan: It feels like a "best-of" album, but with new songs.

3. Is there any story or concept behind the "Four" title?

Stefan: Ramones, One, two, three, four... The best count-in a band ever.

Mick: There are no secrets hidden in the title this time. It´s our fourth album and we are four members, thats it.

4. Who produced "Four" and what was it like working with them?

Stefan: In all the process of recording, mixing, mastering and all of that we are slaves to ourselves. Lars is our producer together with Johan Syrén and Daniel Kaufeldt who are close friends of ours. We totally believe in our own opinions and taste and therefore don't feel the need of using someone from the outside.

Nick: But this is the first time we evolved Johan Syrén in the process. He´s got great knowledge in music and owns a top notch studio that we used this time.

5. Who did the cover art for "Four" and how much input did you have on it?

Nick: It´s all DIY.

Stefan: Me and Nicklas has done all the artwork through out the years.

Nick: We did one in black, one yellow, and one white so it was time for a red one.

6. How was the vibe in the studio?

Johan: I liked the vibe. It is always a process. And it is not a process if there aren't a lot of different feelings down the road.

Stefan: As always its a real shitty time in the beginning, knowing you have this marathon in front of you, but the closer you get to the end, the more excited you get. But in all i think this album was the most relaxing to make, it went pretty smooth throughout all of the studio

7. Select two songs from "Four" and what inspired the lyrics.

Stefan: Don't know which one to choose, but i can say in all of the lyrics on this album, its not that much a state of a relationship that it was on earlier albums - its more of at state of life on this one.

Johan: Yes, Stefan say it well. I think the lyrics are also darker, but more realistic somehow. Comes from a place deeper than the old ones.

8. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album?

Johan: It is a journey through a lot of different places with different landscapes, but the road is the same.

Stefan: Its the perfect hybrid between the first hard hitting chords on Therapy?´s "Screamager" and the epic voyage of Depeche Modes "Behind the Wheel"...

Nick as I said before, we fill out the gap between indie pop and goth, with a punkish touch.

9. Do you any feel any pressure whatsoever to do this follow-up release?

Stefan: No.

Nick: Since we do this all for our selves there are no pressure. If somebody likes it it is just a bonus.

Johan: Not really. I have never felt any pressure when we release a new album.

10. Are there any surprises on the album?

Johan: As usual, surprisingly good songs!

Stefan: No. Or. Maybe. I was kind of surprised with the "bossanova" drums on "Get It Out".

11. Are there any collaborations on the album?

Stefan: Making music together in this band is a constant struggle and collaboration with yourself and the other band members...

Nick: Our close friend, and fifth member, Johnny has provided with some in-puts and also contributed with the lyrics to the last song on the album, Sacred To Death.

12. Whatís the writing and recording process for you?

Nick: I don´t do much. Johan and Stefan writes the lyrics, I just get call down to the studio when it is time to add some keyboards and stuff.

Stefan: A constant way of getting through the life....

Johan: Something that I just do to feel good. Works every time.

13. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Johan: I don't think like that.

Stefan: No. Not at all. Music is more than just to paint visual pictures. Beside the obvious hearing the music, there is the feelings that it stimulates, there is perhaps a beat that knocks on your chest, its the feeling of knowing where a song might take a turn. There is just so much more that just painting a visual picture with music. So no. That is not important.

Johan: If someone else paint pictures with our help that's fine of course. I like the feelings inside me, as feelings not pictures.

14. Where is the new material headed?

Johan: Where it is going, or what? Into the future..?

Stefan: Don't get the question. Do you?

Nick: It´s heading towards a wider audience.

15. What are the remaining plans that you guys have for the rest of this year?

Johan: Watching TV in my bed.

Stefan: Well, since Sweden is going in to five-six months of darkness from now, its all about surviving.

Nick: We are planning an European tour in January and then aim for the summer festivals in 2014 - See you there! Cheers, Nick

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