DARKC3LL - Dark Verses

Industrial has picked up a bit over the years from acts like Davey Suicide to Motionless In White and Vampires Everywhere picking it up a tad in their newest materials - thus DARKC3LL is no exception with their latest and follow-up to 2012's "Reboot:Repeat" called "Dark Verses". This album brings in that hard rock vibe with a punchy edge of industrial beats coming in from the left and right. Having songs like "Exorcist", " Freakenstein", "Death Of Rock n' Roll", "Six Hundred & Six Six", and "Suicide Death Ride", these alone really set up the whole album, having those balanced synth-drive melodies with that typical rock guitar riffs, that creates a crushing sound that puts the drums to the test, making you want to bang your head and dance to each of its beats. DARKC3LL really delivers their own creativity like no other band as done before, yes their style may drift into similar terrain of other bands, but these guys have created a style only known to them. The Australian music scene has got their hands on an act that will blast their way onto the music scene with ease given the right amount of time and persistence.

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