Hudson Henry's See's A New Light with his New Eyes

Hudson Henry is a Pop/Rock solo artist from Los Angeles California.  Hudson began his music career as a drummer for numerous bands in the Los Angeles area before transitioning into a metal singer for bands in the East coast area. After being immersed in the hard rock/metal scene he decided to become a solo artist. Hudson has just finished recording his new full-length record titled "New Eyes.”  The album "New Eyes" is about his near death experience due to a heart virus within the last year.  As the priest read him his last rights in the hospital, he decided that he had his eyes set on chasing his dream.  This new distinctive sound has a heavy electronic influence and integrates elements of pop, hard rock, industrial, and dubstep. So with that Hudson himself talks about his new album and his changes with making music.

1. You were a drummer as well as involved within the rock/metal scene for a while, then decided to fly solo as a pop/rock act, why the genre change and wanting to be a solo act as compared to a full on band? What was it about drumming that drew you into that direction? Are you still a drummer or prefer the guitar and vocals better?

Hudson: I started my music career as a drummer, but it was honestly never enough for me.  I felt limited in the songwriting side of music. Drumming was an easy way for me to understand and analyze song form in every genre.  From an early age I would listen to Blink-182 records and try to copy the style of Travis Barker and other drum idols of mine.  The metal scene was an amazing experience, but I couldn't take it after a while.  Every show was a broken bone, a split lip, or a stitch.  It was essential to come from a metal background because the genre is technically demanding. Transitioning into the world of pop has been an eye opening and life changing experience in so many ways.  I feel as though there are less limitations in the pop world.

2. Why the name Hudson Henry is that your real name or your stage name and does it mean anything?

Hudson: Yes it is a stage name.  Hudson is my first name, and Henry is my middle name.

3. How do you describe your music to people?

Hudson: I describe it as electronic rock, but then again the music is constantly evolving.  I truly believe that it's extremely  important to not set any sort of genre limitations or labels to your music.  So the next album will be labeled as something different, which is fine by me.  My goal is to keep people guessing and to catch them off guard.

4. What image do you think your music conveys?

Hudson: It's honestly hard to say, because I love and respect every genre of music.  I am a firm believer in not creating boundaries when you are in a creative environment.   I think we have a pop look at some shows and others we have a harder rock vibe.  Our fans range from pop kids, metal heads, to

5. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Hudson: Each song conveys its own individual message.  The song "Rope and Wire" is about the ropes and wires that bind people to lives they hate, and need to break out.  There is a song called "United," which is simply about the beauty in traveling around the world and how priceless experiences affect our lives.

6. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Hudson: Yes I write all of my own music, lyrics, and play all of the instruments on the record.   I usually start my writing process with guitar and vocals.  As soon as I have my song form formatted out on guitar, I will add drum parts to each sections.  And once the song form has been structured its time to write lyrics and vocal melodies.  Songwriting in an art of trial and error, but once in a while a song comes out effortlessly.

7. Who are your musical influences?

Hudson: My musical influences range from bands such as One Republic to Killswitch Engage.   I honestly love all styles of music, and think its important to have an open mind when listening.  I personally believe that a good song is a good song despite the genre.  My favorite frontman of all time is Mike Patton from Faith No More.

8. Your album "New Eyes" is about your near death experience due to a heart virus - what type of heart virus was this? What was it like having this near death experience? How much has it changed you?

Hudson: I had acute pericarditis.  Its when the sac surrounding the heart gets inflamed and puts pressure on the heart.  A near death experience was a wake up call and also a chance for change.   It gave me a chance to analyze certain spectacular of myself artistically.  My songwriting benefited from this experience immensely.

9. Why did you want to call this album "New Eyes"? What does that represent?

Hudson: Before I had started the writing and recording process of this record I had almost died from a heart virus.   The theme of "New Eyes," had a lot to do with my near death experience. I saw the world in a different way and didn't take anything for granted.

10. Who produced this album and what was it like working with them?

Hudson: The album was produced by Riley Friesen.  He is not only an amazing producer, but an amazing singer/songwriter.  Riley is a great friend of mine, so working on the record with him was not only an honor but extremely fun!  He is extremely creative and talented.  He works at "The Hit Lab," where he produces and writes for artists of every genre.

11. What about the album artwork who was the artist and does the art have a meaning to it?

Hudson: The album artists name is Kevin Christy and he has done the artwork for such amazing bands such as "Kings of Leon" and "Eve 6."  I was actually looking at one of my favorite Eve 6 albums, and had to find out who the artist was.   I found his information and connected him expecting no reply.  Kevin ended up sending me links to his artwork and I was blown away that he was interested in working with me.

12. Would you say that "New Eyes" is a concept album?

Hudson: New Eyes is a concept album, but open for interpretation.   Over a year ago I almost died from a heart virus.  After this experience I left everything in my past behind me, and starred chasing ghosts.

13. Can you tell me about the song and video for "Falling Down"?

Hudson: The video for falling down was produced by good friends John Kenney and Travers Jacob. My girlfriend Kelly had introduced me to him, and gave him my album and said "you guys need to shoot a music video."  Without her this video wouldn't exist.  The video was shot in Malibu on Deer Creek.  The flat terrain looks over the ocean and Ventura County.  The video is shot as an outdoor life performance.

14. Do you have any new music in the works or any side projects going on?

Hudson: I am currently working on a new single that has a much different sound from the last record.   I also have a new music video coming out for the song "Addicted" filmed by Simon West's company.  Ryan Reeb was the director on the music video, and a vision and stylistic

15. What else do you have planned for the rest of this year, leading into next year?

Hudson: I am doing a short acoustic East coast tour through Connecticut, Vermont, and New York.  I also am in the middle of post-production for the  latest music video for "Addicted." after the video is released I hope to set up an official west coast tour.

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