Story of the Year - Page Avenue 10 Years and Counting

Story of the Year best known for their one hit wonder of a tune "Until The Day I Die" off their 2003 debut "Page Avenue" which to this point and time has marked it's 10 year run; thus the return and revival entitled "Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting". So instead of this being a reissued or a re-release of the original album, the band themselves went back and re-recorded it, in a whole another way for the old school fans and newer generations to experience.

This album in its original and redone format is truly a classic. The songs from front to back are just jaw dropping adrenaline "Until The Day I Die", "Anthem of Our Dying Day", "Sidewalks" "Razorblades" "Shallow the Knife" both in original and in now revised acoustic format sound flawless. The pure emotion put into these songs can be heard and felt within the expression of the band themselves performing them. Lyrics being just as embracing as they first were heard. This acoustic spin on a classic debut of a release is a great turn around and acoustic drive for any band to do. Other acoustic releases from other musicians do their own part but these guys just deliver it so much more better.

Story of the Year's  "Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting" is a return to where the band first began and what we can only expect from them from here on out.

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