Phinehas - The Last Word Is Yours To Speak

Phinehas latest release "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" delivers that typical modern metal flavor and style approach with the fast guitars, drum beats, and vocal chords. They bring the essence that is As I Lay Dying meets Bullet for my Valentine having that same energy and momentum if you will. The material offered here is so good, it's been said by the fan base themselves, that these can easily be flip flopped into an acoustic compilation if done correctly, just as it was done in their EP release it can be done again here no problem. Some of the songs that stick out the most has to include "Blood On My Knuckles", "The Deepest Of Graves", "Out Of The Dust", "From A Burning Sun", and "Wwii", these bringing out that energy and momentum mentioned before, except enhances it developing it in every way possible, everything used is again that fast modern metal feel - that never seems to give up but continue on. "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" is one of those releases that showcases the raw and brutal talent that a metal band has been longing to create and it's all put in its place right here.

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