AFI - Burials

AFI's "Burials" is a step up yet down if that makes sense it steps down returning to the time of 2006's "Decemberunderground" having that gloomy dark sense to it, while the step up portion is more modern. This time around the songs provide that gloomy dark sense having "I Hope You Suffer", "17 Crimes", "Heart Stops", "The Embrace", and "The Face Beneath The Waves", bring this effect, allowing the vocal chords and instruments to work together on a number of levels, instruments being upbeat and catchy very modern driven, while the vocal style just slides right in, fitting in without a problem. This album is what the title suggests it "Burials" provides again that gloomy dark sense, making it be just that from start to finish. This is truly a bring back to that "Decemberunderground" to even "Sing The Sorrow" era making those aware that AFI has still got the kicks in delivering the music that they so want to make possible.

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