Fist To The Sky - Forever We Will Stand

Melodic metal act Fist To The Sky weren't as impressive to me first time around when listening to some songs off their network sites. Now that some time has passed the band went ahead to write and record newer material for an EP "Forever We Will Stand". The EP opens up with the title track that brings that melodic heavy duty metal inspired material, with the fast pacing guitar riffs, drum beats, vocal chords, it's all there clearly, making this start off tune be eye catching to say the least. "Dagger In the Heart of the World", is the following song that deliver's the same methods except downsides it just a tad, while the 2 remaining songs "Count Your Blessings" and "Untitled", pick things up again expressing a Papa Roach meets Five Finger Death Punch kind of vibe. Fist To The Sky's EP is impressive and does have its moments of aggression and truly hard rock meets heavy metal vibes with the intentionally melodic sense to it, making this band and their material rather enjoyable each time played.

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