A Breach of Silence - Dead or Alive

A Breach of Silence's "Dead or Alive" combines the attics that is metalcore and power metal think Born Of Osiris meets Upon A Burning Body who these guys have also toured with previously. Another band they bring to mind is Killswitch Engage having similar vocal chords with hard hitting drum beats and guitar riffs that keeps the music pushing as each song is played. "Blind", "Dawn To Rise", "To Oblivion", "There Will Be Blood", and "Night Rider", are just the handful of songs that really captures that hard hitting rush of musical material. The band themselves have pointed out that this album and it's material is like a breath of fresh air having the songs never get old it's like there's something there in place each time it's listened too. A Breach of Silence's "Dead or Alive" is a timeless release that has a band to back it up never wanting to quit on what they love doing the best.

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