Scream The Dream Goes on Hiatus

Los Angeles, Californian metal rocker locals Scream The Dream have posted the following message on the band's Facebook in regards to the band's indefinite hiatus whilst this is not a break up it sure seems like it..... Read a previous interview conducted with the band HERE.

"Hi there everyone, it saddens me to say and for you to hear. Due to issues within the band. I'm sorry to say but we will not be performing or writing music for a long time. I'm sorry to say but we will be on an indefinite Hiatus. That Being said we are not Breaking up and I cant say for sure if we will play again. I feel I owe a lot of you a huge apology(for those of you who were excited or actually cared about the new music.) I am sorry cause I personally feel like I let you guys down. Sorry everyone but it just had to be done. We love every single one of you who have showed us Support. Don't forget about us cause we will never forget about you. Stay posted cause Nicky and I have projects coming up and you wont want to miss it!;) Thank you all, we will miss you, love, Christian Chaoss"

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