Miseration's Jane Stefanovic says that Tragedy Has Spoken to Him and the Band......

Sweden's Miseration formed in 2006 but since then have gathered a fan base like no tomorrow and continue to do what they do best which is making brutalizing music! Guitarist, bassist, and percussionist Jani Stefanovic spoke to me recently discusssing the band's latest release "Tragedy Has Spoken" the band's start and who inspires them.

1. So what type of band are you?

Jani: I think you could calle us a Death metal act with some melodicimprints here and there.

2. Can you tell us the brief history of your band and how you went with calling yourselves Miseration what does it mean?

Jani: Miseration originally launched as a joint partnership between vocalist Christian Älvestam (Solution.45, ex. Scar Symmetry, Incapacity, Unmoored, etc.) and guitarist Jani Stefanovic (Solution .45, The Weakening.), Swedish death metal project Miseration balance brutality with melodic and atmospheric elements. Debut released in 2008, Your Demons -- Their Angels slowly crawled out of the heavy metal underground as critical and consumer acclaim continued to build, culminating in a worldwide issue through Germany's LifeForce label. Quickly after the debut, Miseration were looking more like a proper band, following the addition of guitarist Marcus Bertilsson, bassist Johan Ylenstrand, and drummer Rolf Pilve for touring purposes.

3. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Jani: Everyday life and nothing at all. We just write music out of any emotion or feelings or world situations or then for me it is often that i dont think of anything. I just sit down and write some music, it´s a very spontanious way of doing music and that way it becomes very honest to me as well. Because i don´t want to force anything. Where´s the fun in that?

4. What can you tell me about "Tragedy Has Spoken" release does it have a concept to it and where did the title come from?

Jani: Lyrically the theme of the Album can be described as sum of the major tragedies of mankind’s history. Lyrics have been written by Pär Johansson (Satariel, Torchbearer, The Few Against Many) and Christian Älvestam and addresses the diversity of tragedies. Some of which have taken the guise of accidents or natural disasters, while others were carried out by human hands and intent. Behind all this there is to find an imaginary architect, a fictive entity – something powerful, aware, far above the manmade concepts of good or evil: the nature of tragedy itself.  The title is exactly saying what the whole album is about. Tragedy itself is the one who is behind of all the happenings.

5. What are your songs about and who's the one behind writing them?

Jani: The music is written by Christian, Marcus and I. The lyrics by Pär Johansson and Christian. The themes of the songs explained on previous question.

6. How do you describe your music to people?

Jani: Death metal touching some melodic and black elements here and there.

7. What image do you think your music conveys?

Jani: No idea. Our purpose is not to set a mark of what beliefs or political views we have. NOt nay particular goals to me trend breaking muiscally either. We are a bunch of good friends whos primarly goal is to make some good death metal. Having alot fun. If it´s not fun making this why do it? But i think that people might think of us as an quite technical and aggressive band with the capacity of delivering versatile albums.

8. How's it been to be a part of the Lifeforce Records family? What have they brought to Miseration that has satsified your needs?

Jani: They have been really great supporting us in any ways possible. We´ll see if the journey continues with them or what since our contract ends with this album. But we nothing but good things to say about them.

9. What are your upcoming plans in general for the remainder of 2012?

Jani: We have some tour plans under negotiation. Did our first gig with this fresh line-up a couple of weeks ago in Sweden which was the first time ever on Swedish soil as a support act for Entombed. The new songs worked really well live and looking forward to do this more. So waiting for the tour to be confirmed and then we´ll hit the road.

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