The 69 Eyes - X

Finland's goth scene couldn't be better since The 69 Eyes hit the streets way back when. Now years later they have gotten on to release their tenth album to date simply titled "X". This darkened hard rock stride is downright classic with songs including hit single "Red" among other catchy gloomy tunes "I Love the Darkness in You", "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and "If You Love Me the Morning After". 

A lot of comparisons are met while others are eerie but creepy cool. For instance "If You Love Me the Morning After" is quite comparable to HIM having frontman Jyrki 69's vocals do a shifting effect of being passionate to soulful while the crackle of the guitar riffs offer more so that makes the listen more wholesome.

While hit single "Red", lays out what this album has to offer this vampiric rock melody stays true to the classic goth styling's that The 69 Eyes is known for over the course of their careers. The melodic vocal lines and lyrics are spot on. "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "I Love the Darkness in You" collide with one another having an upbeat melody that keeps the tunes right on the beat while the album splits up to having a mellow factor first hand and the second portion is more on edge.

The 69 Eyes have stayed true to their classical roots uplifting them  from the ground up keeping the darkness alive and well.

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