Mongrel - Reclamation

Through the years Mongrel has seen better days but now things are looking brighter than ever with their next full-length release "Reclamation" which is their fifth album since their formation way back when.
This time around this release takes steps towards the same direction the previous releases "The New Breed of Old School" (2010) and "Declamation" (2011) did keeping that sleazy hard rock adrenaline pumping. Frontwomen Jessica Sierra taking control using her edgy powerful vocal chords really keeps the music pushing through from start to finish with songs like; "Bored to Death", "Fuck Off and Die", "The More I Bleed", and "Crucifiction", instrumentals are focused yet strong heavy guitar riffs, smooth bass lines, knick knack drum beats all blend in to establish such a edgy but sleazy hard rock style it's unbreakable.
Lyrically the words compel an inner meaning dealing with complications, misery, and emotion that keeps your fist pumping to each word spoken.  Mongrel has put together a release that is very intriguing yet satisfying to any die hard rock personal in need of a edgy fix.

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