The Casualties - Resistance

New York City has never been the same since the arrival of hardcore punks The Casualties, with twenty plus years into their musical career these guys have still got that anger punk rock spirit flowing through them. With that the band is on their ninth album entitled "Resistance" believe it or not and this is it, this defines them so much more than what they use to push out its heart stopping material.

Having songs like "Behind Barbed Wire", "Warriors on the Road" "Always Walk Alone", "Voice of the Outcast" with their leading single "My Blood. My Life. Always Forward." in tow these selections express the band's abilities as musicians ever so further. Guitar tactics, vocal chords, bass beats with drum technique keeps the music alive from start to finish.

There is no recognition when it comes down to these guys with this style of music if you have not heard of The Casualties by now then you better start now because now would be the best time to do so.  For fans of The Unseen, The Exploited, English Dogs, and Toxic Holocaust will eat this up!

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