Mystixx Vampires Bites Playhut Toy Outleter

Manufacture Playhut has grasped onto the craze that has captivated the world as we know it "monster theme" whether it'd be in books, movies, television shows, or just in general everyday lifestyles, Playhut has grasped it just like the rest; Mattel's Monster High, MGA Entertainment's Bratzillaz, and Novi Stars, and even mythical features with Jakks Pacific's Winx Club.

Mystixx Vampires
Now Playhut has taken the fandom that is vampires with their all new doll line called "Mystixx" or "Mystixx Vampires". These vampires are Azra, Kalani, Siva, and Talin each girl having a daytime phase and a nighttime phase hence their toy line catch phrase "The doll you can change the face of" which is indeed true.  The dolls switch from "girl face" to "vampire face" by turning the doll's head. Each product comes with 1 doll, 2 outfits, and a hair brush among other accessories.

Mystixx Vampires Azra
Mystixx Vampires Azra Doll Form
Mystixx Vampires Kalani
Mystixx Vampires Kalani Doll Form
Azra and Kalani are currently available right now while Talin and Siva will be available at the end of September if not sometime in October. Be on the lookout for these because surly fans of Mattel's Monster High, MGA Entertainment's Bratzillaz, Novi Stars, and Winx Club will take a bite out of this scary cool addition.

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