Ugly Love's Goofy but Funny Interview!

Ugly Love has got their debut self-titled EP out but instead of discussing those matters the band decides to answer some more fun and upbeat questions instead. Find out the goofy responses below!

1. What are some of your pet peeves?

The way people walk in flip-flops and men's toilets without a mirror. It's tiring being chucked out of the ladies.

2. What is your favorite holiday out of the year and why?

Probably Hanukkah because it rhymes with Monica. Saying that, Halloween has pumpkins and amazing parties. Although, when everyone else dresses up we suddenly look incredibly normal... Yeah Hanukkah.

3. If you could travel in time past, present, or future where would you go, what would you do, and why?

Past to the 1700's because Kit (secretly) just wants to be a pirate and do piratey things. Present to L.A where Tom is desperate to live and hang out on Muscle Beach. And future, for Matt to attend the first gig that Reuben do on their reunion tour. Jan is so cool that he'd be at all of them and just love the ride.

4. What was the best and worse part of your summer vacation?

The best part of summer vacation is getting to swim in the lake, ringing the bell if you win camp Olympics and making out with your best girl. The worst is smelly people and jellyfish.

5. If you could pick one Christmas song to do a cover of which would it be and why?

I think we'd have to choose Last Christmas by George Michael, because we've all been in a bad place over Christmas with an ex where you just want to beat them.

6. What are your top 5 favorite books, movies, musicians, and TV shows of all time?

*brain explodes* ...Friends, for every, single, one of them.

7. Are you a collector of sorts if you do collect anything what is it?

Body parts? No no, Matt's got a pretty sweet N64 collection but only plays Golden Eye/Zelda. Tom's got 2 waist coats. Jan adores cream crackers and eats them alphabetically. And Kit's a hoarder, so everything, his Trojan Helmet takes centre piece though.

8. What has been the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Ugh, that's a rather large list tied together with a paper clip the size of Tom's face. To save space I'll just list the genres they'd fall in. Girls. Alcohol. Girls + Alcohol. Alcohol + Everything. Re-enacting extreme sports on the street. And not caring for the environment.

9. Which video game console is your all time favorite and video games which would you say are your favorites?

Well, I believe only Kit and Matt have consoles at the time of writing so will write from their perspective. As stated before, N64 would be Matts with Golden Eye and Zelda blasting from it. Kit being a hoarder, enjoys them all. Special mention to Sega MegaDrive + Michael Jackson Moonwalker/Lion King/Aladdin. But really Xbox 360 for COD. OH Grim Fandango! (Look it up). Peace

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