A Skylit Drive – Identity on Fire

Two years have passed since the intensity that was "Adelphia" (2009), now Lodi; Californians A Skylit Drive have lit the fiery blaze that is "Identity on Fire". Deciding to change up their usual plans of writing and recording during the winter time frontman Jag confessed that the band had made changes and choose to record and write during the summer instead.

Producer Cameron Webb helped assist in making what "Identity on Fire", is and the maturity came from the band mates themselves - because as Jag put it “Cameron was definitely a huge help in the process of making IOF what it is. I think the maturing came when we wrote it over the summer though. We wrote all the songs in a showroom we rented out in Lodi, CA. We spent literally days and nights there, writing nonstop! Some days we'd be there for 10-11 hours straight while maybe only eating one meal (if you could call it that!) Once we had everything written we went into pre-production with Cameron, and that's when the kind of blurry pictures came more into focus really. All the pieces to the puzzle were there, we just had to align them."

Now that three singles have made their marks, "XO Skeleton", "Too Little Too Late", and "Ex Marks the Spot", these singles are promising to say the least. Jag’s vocals are a balance source of texture because there in-depth and very captivating in certain tracks like “500 Days of Bummer”, and “Conscious is a Killer” really makes his tactic skill stand out like never before. As such these are also very fast-paced with upbeat melodies that make a perfect balance of singing and screaming. The instrumental portion is well thought out as well, for instance the guitar work is clean while the drums keeps a steady beat allowing the bass to stream thoroughly.

"Identity on Fire" is a diverse album that enhances A Skylit Drive's source of style and technique each and every time.

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