A Six Year Run with A Skylit Drive what else is left?

Six years added to their name with nothing but an EP, DVD, and third full-length albums to show for it: "Wires...and the Concept of Breathing" (2008) "Adelphia" (2009) and "Identity On Fire". Lodi Californian's A Skylit Drive has met the mass majority of fans, toured countless times before, so what else is there? Lead vocalist, Michael “Jag” Jagmin discusses the band's current whereabouts on their touring run, as well as what the fans can expect from this release and what's hidden from them that they don't want to discuss.

1. For those who haven't yet heard of A Skylit Drive, how would you describe the band and which one song would you suggest new fans listen to first?

Jag: I'd say, it's like putting your head inside a muscle car exhaust pipe, haha! As for the first song a newbie should check out I'd definitely suggest "Ex Marks the Spot".

2. You guys have been on the road non-stop for the past 2 years, when did you find the time to stop and take a breather and write/record your third full-length?

Jag: We actually practically took the entire summer off to write. In the past we've always written and recorded in the winter, but we wanted to change things up and relax and write during the summer. I'm glad we did it when we did. It made for quite the outcome, personally.

3. "Identity On Fire" is your third album to date, how much does it differ to your other releases?

Jag: It shows a ton of growth for all of us, as a whole and individually. We all really pushed ourselves on this record, and didn't hold back at all. I can safely say I got to do everything I wanted to do and more!

4. Can you give me a brief on what this album is all about and what it means to A Skylit Drive.

Jag: It's about being the person you want to be. We strongly feel everyone should make their own identity. Don't base it on what someone else wants for you, but only on what you want for yourself. Rebel in a sense, but in a positive way.

5. How does it feel to be heading out on the road alongside such acts as Underoath and Thursday?

It's pretty insane to be able to say we're on tour with these bands. Both bands are part of the reason I even got into this style of music. Not only are they amazing musicians, they're all some of the nicest dudes we've ever toured with. We honestly couldn't be happier!

6. How about the set list what can the fans be expecting to hear?

Jag: They'll definitely be getting some of the fan favorites, and we also threw in the 3 now released singles "XO Skeleton", "Too Little Too Late", and "Ex Marks the Spot" which are on "Identity on Fire".

7. A lot of bands have gotten into the mood of performing full albums at certain showcases, would you guys ever consider that?

Jag: I'd love to be able to say I survived with one group of guys long enough to celebrate a 10 year anniversary for one of our records. That would be amazing, and I'd be so down to play a record in its entirety if I ever get to be so lucky.

8. You released your DVD "Let Go of the Wires" in 08 will we be seeing a follow-up perhaps live DVD in the making later on down the line or live album or combo?

Jag: "Let Go of the Wires" was not planned you could say, ha! It kind of came out of nowhere. We had a blast making it though! I'd love to be able to make another DVD, but at the moment there aren't any plans.

9. Cameron Webb helped produce this album and "XO Skeleton" was just released, would you say that Webb help mold A Skylit Drive into a more mature figure than who you use to be?

Jag: Cameron was definitely a huge help in the process of making IOF what it is. I think the maturing came when we wrote it over the summer though. We wrote all the songs in a showroom we rented out in Lodi, CA. We spent literally days and nights there, writing nonstop! Some days we'd be there for 10-11 hours straight while maybe only eating one meal (if you could call it that!) Once we had everything written we went into pre-production with Cameron, and that's when the kind of blurry pictures came more into focus really. All the pieces to the puzzle were there, we just had to align them.

10. If A Skylit Drive got to be on either of these TV programs which would you pick and why, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Dr. Phil or True Life?

Jag: Definitely Family Guy! No questions about that.

11. What's planned after this tour?

Jag: We know something that we don’t want you to know about as of yet. Our plans for this year will be announced soon enough.

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