Destruction - Day of Reckoning

The thrash masters from Germany are back! Better and heavier than ever before with their 11th studio album "Day of Reckoning". This will be the first release without former drummer Marc Reign who was with the band since 2001. Now that the past has subsided, Destruction welcomes Vaaver (Wawrzyniec Dramowicz) with open arms to see what technique he’s really capable of possessing.

The band states that this album is sure to be promising, aimed towards the old school fans being more fast and turbulent than “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." (2008) was. That was then and this is now and now Destruction is here to cause havoc wherever they wish. For instance "Hate Is My Fuel", "Devil's Advocate", and "Sorcerer of Black Magic", classify precisely what Destruction is referring to. The guitars are brutally fast-paced and up front with the music while new comer Vaaver comes thundering within the backdrop doing his best to keep the music in tune for each and every second that passes.

Bassist/vocalist Schimer displays hatred and aggression throughout this entire album. His skills of use haven’t changed a bit except they seem more up to date than how they were so long ago. Sounding ten times heavier and purely in your face. Destruction fans will surely not be disappointed when it comes to this release because this is the Destruction that we have been craving for.

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