Aiden's Fifth Album in the Making

Frontman Wil Francis says that Aiden recorded music for their fifth album "Disguises" in just about a week last December. The band is set to release their brand new album via Victory Records on March 29. Wil goes on to say that this time the abum is really aggressive just as their 2009 Knives release was. Except there is a lot more metal to it more riffs, breakdowns its heavier its not the punk rock era that there so known to make. It's a metal side of them we have yet to see let alone hear. Wil says it's anything but lightweight the title in question has this nuanced meaning as in it's reference is dealt with how we all hide behind a mask or some sort. The lyrical context is mixed with horror flicks, drugs, and religion so it still relays on Aiden's forumla except heavier attitudes to enforce it. He says that this is an album to be proud of because Aiden has been a band for almost 10 years so finding the time and inspiration to make a solid record doesn't come so easily.

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