Snow White’s Poison Bite – The Story of Kristy Killings

Who hasn't read, heard, or even written their own fairy tale? There is certainly that there has been being's who have done this even if they don't admit it. But in any case there is a fairy tale that of course starts with a story all its own.... This is "The Story of Kristy Killings", by Finland's finest Snow White's Poison Bite. It's anything you could ever want from a horror story with a cross blend of a love story tangled in between.

It’s a rip cutting shred machine with terrifying screams of echoing vocals that bring out the intense emotional crisis hidden within. "Symphonies for the Damned", is the intro and the music itself is very dark and demonic if you will, having an old school horror essence thrown on top with its eeriness seeping in every so often it’s like you’re living your worst nightmares.  "The End of Prom Night", is a rather catchy yet very bouncy tune that makes you want to scream and shout while running for your life from Jason Voorhees’s himself. “Kristy Killings”, has the screaming approach but reprises that upbeat bouncy tone as “The End of Prom Night”, had possessed.

"SplatterSplatterBloodSplatter", is what the intro was an instrumental tune which draws us towards the nearing end with various tunes "Serial Killer Girl (Come On, Come On, Kill Me!)", and more in-depth emotional heart crusher "The Dreadful Lullaby". This being you’re not so ordinary lullaby for its very heart wrenching to listen to, because it’s emotional distress is so captivating it captures the pure essence of what love is.

The best way to describe what this tale is truly about is simple; Snow White’s Poison Bite is The Misfits on crack with Jason Voorhees killing teenagers in a Friday the 13th movie very simple.

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