Legion of the Damned – Descent into Chaos

The Netherland's finest has returned after a three year stand still. But now that they are back what may you expect from this Legion of the Damned per say? Nothing but pure thrash metal with the edginess of death! Legion of the Damned’s seven year career has seen better days but now the past is far behind them the band is moved on to see the light or in their case the darkness of light if there is such a thing….

Anyway Legion of the Damned’s latest “Descent into Chaos” is just as it says “chaos” that descents right back to where it all began oh so long ago. This album is chalk full of thrash forgivable riffs with over the top vocal chords that keeps the music fresh after each and every song sung. "War Is In My Blood", "Killzone”, and "The Hand Of Darkness" is the golden era of what Slayer and Sodom once were known for except these guys have taken it to a whole another level.

As such “Descent into Chaos" has become an album considerably real enough for Legion of the Damned to declare fit. The drum work is different but some added tricks reveal an approach that's more unique. Whereas the guitar sound is sharper much heavier than ever before nailing the sound perfectly well with each and every riff foretold. Legion of the Damned get it right from the start.

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