Oh Sweet Ransom Demands Their Release

Three years have passed since the formation of Oh Sweet Ransom but what exactly makes this ransom so darn sweet? Well nothing really because it's just a band name and this band is gearing up to release their first full-length album due out in March. There will be extensive touring that will expose our world of this Southern California quintet. Without a further ado Oh Sweet Ransom has give the following statement in regards to this interview, “Before we get started, I just want to let it be known that this entire interview will be conducted from the safety of the band’s blanket fort constructed in the studio.” So let the discussions begin!

1. Oh Sweet Ransom so who's the one that was held for ransom?

OSR: Bill.

2. What would your demands be if you were held for ransom?

OSR: If I was held for ransom, my demand would most likely be to let me go.

3. A little over two years ago you released your self-titled EP so the band has been in writing mode since then?

OSR: We are always writing, but for the first year or so we were almost constantly touring and playing shows. We did radio interviews and Hot Topic appearances etc. We’ve been writing and recording for the past year as well as taking some time off to pursue other business ventures mainly.

4. You’re about to release your debut full-length in March, how would you say it differs from your previous release?

OSR: Well, we’ve definitely had a lot more time to create this album as opposed to our EP. Our EP was written and recorded in a matter of months primarily by Chuck and recorded with Mark, Myles and David. As a band we’ve talked about the differences and progression of our music. The best way to describe it is that with this new album it’s just an expansion of our sound and showcases a much broader range of music styles. While we’re staying true to what people have already identified us with. It’s very sexual and violent when you look at it.

5. Is there a tentative title for the album?

 OSR: Simple Reflections of a Small Town Girl. Either that or it’ll be called Thriller.

6. Any idea how many songs will be on the album?

OSR: Right now it’s looking like about 9 brand new tracks with two off our EP.

7. Will there be a music video?

OSR: We had a little incident during our last video shoot where our bassist’s crotch got set on fire so long story short yes.

8. Is Oh Sweet Ransom signed or have yet to be signed? Did you want to just go with doing a self-release and see what the ending results were?

OSR: We are actually not signed to any labels. We’re always looking but we’ve always been a pretty self-reliant band. Whether it’s Chuck to record our music in his studio or Mark doing all of our artwork and photography or having Myles booking all of our tours, or David mowing the lawn we’ve rarely had to rely on any other outside sources to hand our business. We’ve had offers but none that we felt would truly benefit us and get us to the next level. We’re definitely open to it though.

9. How can a fan get their hands on the album once it's available?

OSR: It’s gonna be available on iTunes, Amazon, Nimbit, Rhapsody, Napster, Purevolume, you name it some music source will likely have it. But most importantly it’s available at our shows so we actually prefer it if you’d buy it directly from us so we can meet you and do our No Pants Dance.

10. What about shows when will you guys be hitting the road?

OSR: Spring 2011.

11. Speaking of shows when was Oh Sweet Ransom's first show?

OSR: Our first show was August 27, 2009 at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, got to headline that night and the Chain was our first show ever we were so stoked!

12. Oh Sweet Ransom has what lined up for 2011?

OSR: The most we can say for now is this; New album, new music, new merch, new live show, and lots of touring. We’ve always got exciting things in the works when it comes to Oh Sweet Ransom.

13. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

OSR: No. We try to keep fan communication to a minimum. Seriously though, thank you for sticking with us! We won’t disappoint you this year we promise. Can we spoon? We’d love to take you up on that offer, but unfortunately we all just had sex changes. It was weird because we all did it independently than one day the topic got brought up randomly and it ended with us watching The Notebook crying.

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