Deicide – To Hell with God

Deicide is the type of band that you wouldn't want to mess with but why? Let's just say there has been a lot of controversy relating to their albums and lyrics. In which those include vehement anti-Christian themes, such as "Fuck Your God", "Kill the Christian”, “Behead The Prophet" and "Scars of the Crucifix", among others. So you can see why Deicide is not one to be dealt with in any way possible because if you do you are to suffer the consequences.

Most of the controversy has been surrounded with frontman Glen Benton for his harsh and shocking interviews with wild and vivid statements. Benton has repeatedly branded an inverted crucifix into his forehead on several occasions. Benton was indeed not your average human being and over the years has had quite the resume of incidents but one he's most famous for is of course the music. Having had 24 years thus far and 25 on the horizon Deicide has gone through nine albums and is ready to unleash the big 1-0.

"To Hell with God" is the suitable title for Deicide to want to go with so without doing so, this album goes down the lines of being just like any other album that these guys have released. As such "Hang in Agony Until You're Dead", was released in advance and this tune is brutally harsh. The guitar work is fast and heavy just as Deicide would normally do it. Just the riffs used here features a lot of Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla's leads and has that dynamic, anti-Christian fury that's been with these guys since the dawn of time. The quality returns to the era that was “Legion" "Scars of the Crucifix", and “The Stench of Redemption".

"To Hell with God" features melodic chord progression within the chorus structure that has Benton bellowing with rage just as he's always done. The album is just as any other Deicide album has been except it relays on the earlier craftsmanship a whole lot more.

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