DevilDriver - Beast

If seems as if every two years DevilDriver is dishing out something new. Well in this case that tradition hasn’t changed for the Californians. “Beast” promises to be nothing but heavy.

As such "Dead to Rights", introduce the intensity level but as the album progresses onward "Bring the Fight (to the Floor)", and "Hardened", only heightens it. Especially with "Shitlist", and "You Make Me Sick", these are by all means the heaviest songs offered. When it comes to the music per say it’s filled with constant guitar riffs and solo skills that keeps it flowing right along, whereas the drum tactics keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.

These tracks are filled with a constant groove and are powerful and aggressive at that. The guitar structure used is clear and crisp with an occasional solo placed here and there that makes the music that much better. The drumming on the other hand is solid and loud never missing a beat for that matter. Whilst Dez spits fury every lyric he gets like “You burned the bridges, you sold the lies… you’re on the shitlist” (‘Shitlist’). Mark Lewis (Trivium, Chimaira) and Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Megadeth, Exodus, and Arch Enemy) were the producers behind the audio mixing and gave it a modern aggressive twist.

"Beast" is hands down an album that their fans can buy with sheer confidence that they shall not be disappointed in any way possible.

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