Monster High Invests with Sakar Provided by Toys R Us (UPDATED W/PHOTOS)

Monster High has teamed up with Sakar to develop a line of electronic proportions that little ghouls will fall head over heels for. Ranging from walkie talkies to laptop cases, iPhone/iPad cases, MP3 player, CD Player, headphones, Karaoke machine, microphone stand with mic, text messenger devices, door bell ringer/answering receiver, light-up message board, digital camera, wireless intercom set, secret decoder, e-data bank, calculators, flashlights, telephones, usb, wireless mouse, keyboard, backpack, the list goes on and on. Toys R Us are the ones stocking up on these electro gadgets so better snatch'em while you can. There is also a Monster High door alarm coming out at the end of the year but surprisingly there have been some who have gotten their hands on it.

Door Alarm

Monster High Ear Buds

Monster High Portable Karaoke System

Monster High Karaoke System

Monster High 2GB Digital MP3 Player with Video

Monster High Walkie Talkies

Monster High Intercom Set

Monster High Message Board

Monster High Slide Text Messenger

Speaking of bags though there are currently two new handbags available via Toys R Us, one features a white backdrop with all of the girls spread all over it with pink ribbon just as the original black handbag with pink ribbon had done. Whilst this other handbag is the same one Frankie Stein uses, the only minor defect is the bow on the Monster High skull logo it’s somewhat not so great as it could have been but other than that it’s quite decent. 

Frankie Stein Handbag

Monster High Handbag

Other than that that’s currently all the “NEW” up and coming Monster High gear that will be available from Sakar. As far as the dolls go those will be released between March-April so be sure to keep a look out. If you dare!

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