Wooden Jesus - Self-Titled

What’s the deal with bands self-titling their albums? Is there no motive in wanting to come up with a catchy over the top title? Especially if it’s your debut efforts you know you can do so much better. But as other bands would say self-titling their album is what describes them best. So in this case Wooden Jesus isn’t any different. Or are they?

As such this debut release is quite classy with a modern hard rock twist layered in between for instance "Soul Infection", express the similarity that was presented by Alice in Chains whilst adding an additional era of Soundgarden on top of it. It keeps the groove of the beat flowing never wanting to stop. Whereas “DNA”, maintains a heavier source of beat capturing the time of Pearl Jam’s 91 release “Ten”.

"Eating A Bullet", "Saviour', and "Four Letter Words", presume the same method as did “Soul Infection” consisting of that same source that Alice in Chains had given us except these tunes add a little more zest. As in guitar structure and drum technique which compel one another until they each slowly decease. Aside from these tunes the album mixes it up a bit towards the end by including a mix, rare, and acoustic supply to ease out those dreadful pains and aches.

Zach Lucero describes the sound of this album as huge! "It has a cool loose vibe but really edgy. We had a really specific sound we wanted for this album in mind and Jeff (Jeff Cloyes, producer) definitely got it. As far as work ethic between the demo and album not much changed, we slammed it out in 3 days like we did the demo the days were a little longer in the studio though."

Wooden Jesus’ source of music is heavily influenced with dramatic intensity that keeps the listener at ease yet constantly banging their head to the beat.

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