Rozee - Blue Sky

Indie, pop, R&B artist Rozee has released something special for this year's Mother's Day! An all new song turned single, made into video titled "Blue Sky" with a short film attached as well titled "Dear Diary". The entirety of the track is about the loss of Rozee's parents, and those who have had similar life experiences, it being a tribute of sorts.

Rozee's style is classy yet modernized. Her ways of music foretelling is pure and clear. It is unique to have someone who is able to detail the emotions flowing through their mind and soul. Rozee expresses herself through the short film "Dear Diary", which lead into the accompanying single for "Blue Sky". Both of which, tell the story of her experience of losing her folks. That being something, some if not possibly a lot can be familiarized with at some time. It does suck, that it happens but life does go on, people remember, admire, and embrace what happened and that is what Rozee has done here through her music creativity.

With that said, again, the whole piece of this track has a lot going for it, being very emotionally driven, but having an artist to back it up as well. Rozee's vocalization is done very nicely, allowing for the instrumental works, to be crafty yet chilling at times to. It creates this build up, that makes the music soar, creating endless, amount of overflowing stress, to depart. As it becomes easier to cope, adjust, and just accept. In other words, the material is so fulfilling it is passionate yet entertaining.

Rozee's style is upbeat, having this tone that will be recognized. Many more will take notice, allowing for her voice, to reach higher, with each musical note, sung, if not played through, because all needs to her what she has to say, through the art of her music.

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