Natalie Lucassian - Restless

Natalie Lucassian is an indie rock artist, vocalist, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist, whose style has been noticed as being a reincarnation of Amy Whinehouse mixed with Adele, to create a mini version of the two. That is whom you get when hearing Natalie Lucassian and her latest piece of works "Restless" off the EP "12:26".

While the EP has yet to be seen, the "Restless" track, has been making the rounds, across the play boards at radio stations, online and publicly. Many have taken a liking to the track, as the material sounds fresh yet familiar. Again Natalie's style is a lot like the artists mentioned prior.

In terms of the track itself, Natalie presents herself as smooth yet confining, being decent yet flawless. Like how the music crafts itself into being very mellow but narrow, it builds upon all that is happening. If her vocal skills, provides so much effort as it is, everything else falls into its proper placing. The way of how Natalie lets her voice sort everything out, makes the track more fun. Rather it becomes enjoyable, after each listen.

As if the track was not already entertaining, but hearing it played overtime, makes it more worth it. It becomes progressive, in tone, and energy as well. "Restless", is not only a single of choice for Natalie, but is a path of direction, she will walk on, leading to her EP "12:26", and further releases down the line.

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