Country music go getter artist WILL THOMAS REED has released his latest single "Home Is Where the Bar Is", off his upcoming EP "To Whom It May Concern" out this summer! Thomas himself discusses the EP, single, and just how much is a lot of things according to him, that has has and wants to do!

1. You recently released your new single "Home Is Where the Bar Is", where did you find the inspiration for the track?

So the story behind "Home Is Where The Bar Is" is a fun one. Sure, its a play on the cute catchphrase "home is where the heart is" but I literally lived in the rafters of a bar for some time! I was in one of my longest "Starving Artist" phases, making little to no money and couldn't afford my rent. That's when a dear friend of mine who also owned a bar that I played on the semi-regular, offered for me to live in the spot above the bar. It was an old historic 1800's building with these really tall ceilings with big wide rafters that allowed for me to slide a 4x8 piece of plywood over the rafters and then lay a mattress on top of that. I had a big 12-foot paint ladder that I had to crawl up every night to get to my bed and the way I paid rent was by playing a show or 2 a month at the bar! So home was literally where the bar was. And everyone has that place or "bar" where you walk in and everyone knows you and the bartender have your choice beverage waiting for you in a cold glass.

2. What would you say the track means to you?

This Track really is just all about having a good time and remembering where you came from. It's tipping my hat to those honky Tonks and Roadhouses I grew up playing music in and drinking in. Cheers, now I need a drink!

3. Will this particular track receive an accompanying music video, or just remain a stand alone single?

This track will have a video coming out for it this year...to be announced.

4. How has the responses to the track been going?

This track has been getting great response and feedback. It's just a fun party tune.

5. The track comes off your upcoming EP "To Whom It May Concern" - how would you describe the EP?

The EP "to whom it may concern..." is a collection of 5 tunes that are experiences that either I or someone close to me has experienced. Its almost a journal of the past couple years of my life of the more impactful events, or moments that stuck out to me as a story worthy.

6. Do you have a favorite song or lyric off of the upcoming EP? If so, what is it and why?

Favorite lyric from the upcoming would have to be from the song "I'm sure its all this back and forth, but you keep eyeing that front door, fast as shootin' 100 proof". I think that sums up that relationship, she's ready to dip out pronto.

7. After the EP gets it's release, have anything planned, tour, shows, music videos, etc.

There are lots of things in the works this year and lots of irons in different fires. Certainly lots of shows and tours and working on new tunes already for the next record.

8. Would you like to say or add anything more?

Everyone keep supporting local music and original music. The fans are what keeps the dream alive and allow us musicians to keep creating new music! Thanks so much for taking the time to have me!

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