Brother Jon Band - Be On Time

This past Spring, Brother Jon Band had released a single titled "Bobby's Blues" to an array of responses from all. Now that another season is upon them and us alike, summer time, Brother Jon Band has gone on to release another single this one entitled "Be On Time", from their debut album "Open Jam".

Now that previous single "Bobby's Blues", had come from this same album "Open Jam", but unlike "Be On Time", which opens the album, "Bobby's Blues", was a follow through track, from this other number. In any case though, both tracks, end up allowing for the Brother Jon Band to branch out, being unique yet original in their own style, making it fun all over.

In terms of "Be On Time", as an opener, it does get the ball rolling around, for this "Open Jam" release. It is very light weight, entertaining, with lots of flare and fun going for it. The instrumentals become catchy to the ear, as the vocalization is suiting for the material. The vocal chords, are pretty much just present, they add not much else to the music, just provide the sway of the music. This not being bad or good, but more or less, just a stable source of all that is happening with this track. In other words, the vocals and instruments work together, making the track stand alone, while keeping themselves occupied yet fulfilling as well.

The track is also quite lengthy as it clocks in at around 4 minutes, making the tune drag on just a bit too long at times. It still does not lack in quality, just would have been slightly better if having this track run at around 2 to 3 minutes in length-wise. Other than that, though, the track is fun yet decent to.

Not much else to be said or had about Brother Jon Band and this single of a track called "Be On Time". The entirety of the album, that this track and it's other single comes off from, make this band rise up, getting noticed,  for their works such as these found here.

If none know of who this country blues act is, then likely from here on out, they will in due time. Brother Jon Band being an act to follow, that will not disappoint, but will offer a variety of country, blues, and rock music, on their own doing so.

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