Hatred Reigns Talks History, Namesake, and Plans for the Future Ahead!

Canadian extreme metalheads HATRED REIGNS, have just released their debut EP "Realm: 1: Affliction", with accompanying first single "In Anguish", with even more music to follow shortly. The band gathered to disclose the matters of the band's name, their music style, and future plans ahead.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

The band formed in 2015, I came up with the name while listening to the Polish band named Hate and was looking at Slayer’s artwork for "Reign In Blood".

Our current line up joined the band in 2017 after auditioning numerous possibilities of various talented artists that Ottawa happens to offer. The challenge is that life intercedes and we can’t hold people back from going on their own way where necessary. Some other pre-2017 members just didn’t make the grade.

The initial goal of this band was to work with new musicians whom I had never worked with before or knew from the local scene. All of which were achieved, despite one of the members happens to play with 2 other local bands, however as it would seem, he and I never encountered one another ever previous to his joining Hatred Reigns. The other 3 are new to the scene and appreciate the opportunity to develop original Canadian extreme metal and contribute to the genre as a whole.

2. You released the first single to the EP titled "In Anguish", so tell me about it?

"In Anguish" was first song written for the project. It set the bar for what all other songs were to strive to achieve. The goal was always to write music with catchy hooks and grab the listener and throw them into the pit so to speak so they could release their pent-up rage and unleash their inner anger to flush out the pain of the world and escape the day to day struggles that life can throw at people.

The music came to me when I was inspired to try and compose an album in E standard. However, I have played in B standard tuning since 1992 and old habits are hard to break. Also the riffs just sounded so much more brutal in B than E so… it wasn’t a hard decision to write in a genre and tuning that I am very comfortable and familiar writing in.

The song was very different in its original form. It began as a 7-minute progressive song that morphed into the song that you now hear. Some of the riffs that were removed have been used in other songs which fit more appropriately. There is a different rendition on YouTube, where the solo riff section varied and became even stronger by altering the solo section to be how it is on this version of the song. Also, for the recording we chose to slow the song down from 300 bpm (YouTube older version) to 284 bpm to allow the riffs to be more pronounced and to try and not just be about speed, but rather focus on playing in the "pocket" so to speak which results in a very strong and powerful song that you hear on the EP.

"In Anguish" is about our listener or anyone who struggles in this world and has to consider their fate with how to continue on the journey that life offers. We all struggle. We all have to contemplate the pros and cons of the state of the world. But I can say this – the protagonist in this story decides that they no longer want to put up with the bureaucracy of the world.

3. Will this same single receive an accompanying official music video release as well, or will that go to another track off the EP?

"In Anguish" was chosen to be our first release because there are a few live videos of us performing it in 2017, and the previously mentioned YouTube video montage had been posted such that it made sense to release "In Anguish" first that would allow us to devote energy on the other 2 songs.

We have an animated video for one of the other tracks that is nearly finished and will see a release date soon. As well, there is talk of doing a proper video for another track that has been in discussions for 2 years and seems well suited to be shot as a thematic video which we hope will come to light, but have to wait and see how things play out. We are discussing ideas and locations presently. Time will tell.

4. What can be said about this EP "Realm: I Affliction", that will get people wanting to hear it?

The music is catchy, hooky and in your face. That was the intended goal. As well, from the start, the key formula for this project was to fuse old and new metal elements together that would appeal to a wide audience base. To not paint ourselves into a corner and also not write the same song over and over again. With each track we explore various different song elements that may mix Cryptopsy riffs with Morbid Angel riffs and even hint at Pantera or even Rage Against the machine.

It isn’t as though we just are throwing paint at a canvas and calling it art. But we are blending our influences together that gives each song a fresh feel that may appeal to a broad range of fans be it black metal, brutal tech, sludge, death metal fans, etc. Every element is considered but at the same time, we want to have fun as musicians and as fans of the metal genre and try to appeal to the fans with our music in hopes that they will also appreciate the various elements that we work into our music.

5. How would you describe the music style, that Hatred Reigns plays to those unfamiliar with it?

As mentioned above, Hatred Reigns is about bridging the old school with new metal elements together. To appeal to the newer Black Dahlia Murder / Lamb of God fans with the older Suffocation / Cryptopsy and other genres as well that has shaped the genre like Pantera and Sepultura.

Our goal has always been from the start to write eclectic songs that work cohesively together while show casing our diverse influences, which when we collaborate and develop the songs we seem to achieve a good mix that makes up our sound.

6. Where did the band come up with the idea for Hatred Reigns?

The band formed in 2015, I came up with the name while listening to the Polish band named Hate and was looking at Slayer’s artwork for "Reign In Blood".

7. What other plans does the band have in-store for this year?

Develop more songs so we can work towards our planned 13 song concept album, although we could release another EP before achieving the desired bigger goal of releasing the LP as planned. We have many of the songs in development. We have a number of shows booked for the summer and fall. As well there are various videos aimed to be released in the coming months.

8. Would you like to add or say anything else?

Hatred Reigns welcomes new listeners to check out our music, our videos and come out to a show. Reach out to us and give us a reason to come to your city/your country. We want to play shows all around the world. We want to play the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise too! Hatred Reigns aim to start recording our follow up release in the upcoming months. And we appreciate you supporting Canadian extreme metal.

P.S. – Han shot first!

P.S.S. – Ash is God, along with his boom stick!

P.S.S.S. – Ringwraiths are cooler than Dementors, although Dementors is a cool name.

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