Woechanter - Self-Tilted

Canadian band Woechanter, is one of those acts, who barely started like literally, just last year in 2017. Having spent that time frame, writing and recording towards what would be their debut efforts, in the form of an EP that is "Self-Titled".

Their style being much like many others before them, as they have taken a liking to the genres of metal, combining death metal, black metal, and doom metal without any mixtures of the modern trends or even expectations. Thus, their style is very straight forward, as it grasps onto the listener, channeling the style of sound, as it brings to mind other acts, such as Rotting Christ or Bloodbath's works. Both of which, having a very similar format, in style of sound, vocalization, and then some.
In other words, Woechanter has got something rather intense yet brutal at the same time. Their abilities as musicians being fierce yet edgy. By combining so many gestures, it creates this binding, that makes their music more grounded. If heaviness with your metal is what you dig, then by all accounts this be the band for you.

This "Self-Titled" EP is case and point, a well put together piece of work, with heaviness through and through. Worchanter being an act of talent, and it's kind of mixing genres. For they, will continue to go forward, being discovered in a matter of no time flat.

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