Tony Tears Releases New Album "Demons Crawl at Your Side"

Tony Tears have released his new album "Demons Crawl at Your Side" via Minotauro Records.

"Demons Crawl at Your Side" is a heavy, raw and obscure - just like the evil that grips humanity.  Today's demons are subtle and ambiguous, and are woven into the fabric of humanity.  This is the point of departure for the Genovese artist on his new album.  Tony has always held these themes at the center of his music and his life - Tony is a member of a group that examines paranormal phenomena, and during the production of this album he encountered demonic forces.

After the acclaimed "Follow the Signs of the Times", the multifaceted Italian artist Tony Tears returns with a new and exciting album titled "Demons Crawl At Your Side". The album was released on CD format in February 2018 for the historic label Minotauro Records, and later in vinyl format for Blood Rock Records.The current line-up consists of: Regen Graves (drums, bass - Abysmal Grief), David Krieg (Vocals - Soul of Enoch), (Sandra Silver - ex Paul Chain second voice of Tony Tears), and Tony Tears (Guitars, Keyboards).

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