The Noble - Abolitionism

The Noble are the next hardcore act, to hit the scene, being well on their way by doing so with their EP release "Abolitionism". "Helmet", was the first glimpse of what to expect when it comes to this EP from The Noble. At first glance, they sound nothing like a lot of the other hardcore acts of the everyday, some known like Hatebreed or Terror, to others a bit unknown like First Blood. The Noble's style is nothing like those acts, their styling is more like Vanna, Lions Lions, or even some Eighteen Visions. Funny enough, The Noble's drummer, Brandon Davis, is of some of these acts just mentioned, which includes Vanna and Lions Lions believe it or not.

So it would make sense that The Noble would take on some influence and or inspiration behind their sounding. So then that is how this EP goes, it sounds a lot like these other acts, except The Noble's take on hardcore, as a genre, is more open minded, edgy, and overpowering to at times. It's a bit of everything really, you get hit with this in your face vibe, with pure aggression coming with progression in check, it makes the music more rounded yet solid too. Pretty much if hard hitting heaviness is what you take in, then for sure such tracks as "Helmet", "Taking Revenge", "Prevail", and "Game Misconduct", will keep you busy and highly entertained as well.

When it comes down to it, The Noble's EP "Abolitionism", is a release of sorts, that has the hardcore awareness vivid and full of possibilities for expansion and growth. This will likely just be an idea of what is to come from an act such as The Noble, taking hardcore to the next stance of ability and creation.

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