The Body Rampant - RMPNT

Besides the release of their current single turned video release for "Miles Away" featuring a guest spot from Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta, The Body Rampant, have recently released their new full-length album entitled "RMPNT". This album besides the single released from it, was one of those unannounced album's that was written, recorded, then released with no one's knowing! So without getting word out from an industry source, how would the word be spread about this band's album, well by the fans of course, who would send this album into the mass message terrain with their word of mouth, interweb accordance and then some. If that is not enough, "RMPNT", is a mix-up release combining several genres together, ranging from indie, to post-hardcore, down to a genre known as art punk. What this all means, is that this album and its accompanying single release, just takes their material all at once, with this adrenaline force field of angst, progression, and focus, creating high energy with lots of pacing movements of the vocals and instruments. In other words, their material is just perplexed and mixed up that it just sounds out of whack. It becomes catchy, uplifting, and just highly entertaining by its melody of both vocals and the instruments at play. It works in favor of not just the single, but for all the tracks to come from this album. It makes it much more interesting that way. "RMPNT", is an album of sorts, that just offers an array of sorts, that will surely keep you the listener in check and in tune to what is happening, because it is music, something we can all relate to somehow.

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