Last Charge of the Light Horse - What If

"Race to the Sound" by alternative indie rockers Last Charge of the Light Horse had the precise way to describe who they are as a wholesome truths, upon this album and its recent single release "What If". According to the website known to many as CD Baby, whose catalog of releases includes theirs, described their material as "Your standard mix of power ballads, pop tunes, plaintive clarinet solos, philosophical musings on electric guitar and kaval flute, jazzy instrumentals, and bizarre song structures, with some screaming lead guitar thrown in for good measure." That says it all right there for it's worth it. When listening to this single release and the rest of the tracks off the samples given off that site, it is right on it all the way. Simply put, this single given take the intentions of its music source, just makes the "What If", track even become questionable. For it is a track with a name to beg that very question "What If". "What If", was not a pop rock track mixed in with some energy mixings to that of indie rock and alternative, you get some extensive line of work, that just sounds downright entertaining really.

That is how "What If" presents itself to be, a very entertaining if not even a enlightening track. The way of the vocal chords and instrumentals work together, creates this focus of energy, that becomes catching, harmonic and melody driven. Last Charge of the Light Horse's style and sound brings to mind other acts of the past, from the 50's to even into the 70's, not forgetting the 60's even. It's how they are able to mix-up their sound, they can sound like The Beatles mixed with The Monkees, its very indie rock mixed with pop as said.

This not being anything bad, but very much good. Their style is just very fun to hear. "What If" sticking to the right genre choices it picked out. For if it had gone another route, the sound probably would have not worked out. Instead being not as cleaver as what ended up here with the "What If" track. When it comes down to it, they are an act who has a track record with this single and it's album. Their abilities of creativity not fading away, but growing with development, as the material from this point of song and release, will expand just as they do.

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