Heart Tide Releases New Song "Blame"

Back with a vengeance, Heart Tide is here with ''Blame'', a fresh new song and the first since the release of 2017's "Vulnerable". The melancholic Finnish outfit is taking few risks on the track and showing again a new side musically.

''Writing "Blame" was a very different experience for me. I usually don't start Heart Tide songs from making beats but this time it just flowed right out of me. The music on the verses then inspired the lyrics and it all happened so fast. I felt it had something special in it. Even on "Vulnerable", I think you can hear a lot of diversity and on these new songs I want to keep it going. Different sounds, styles, instruments, what ever comes naturally. I try not to limit myself too much. If you do that, it might take the fun out of songwriting,'' said frontman Samu Hietainen.

Still keeping some of the familiarity of "Vulnerable" with the black-and-white imagery, Heart Tide is here to kick butt and take names while experimenting with new things. In 2018, you can expect more music for much pleasure to the fans. Hietainen says that the feedback from music fans all over the world last year is motivating him to get better as a songwriter and as an artist.

''I put "Vulnerable" up for a free download and it had a massively positive outcome. People shared it and the amount of downloads was overwhelming. I had a wall of messages from all kinds of music listeners saying they enjoyed the songs. It was beautiful to hear.''

After the release of the mixtape "Vulnerable" last year, Heart Tide is setting it's sights on keeping the train moving. You can check out "Blame" right over HERE.

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