Chuggy guitar riffs, kick drum blasts and spitfire vocals define Austin pop-punk powerhouse group, Gold Steps. The quintet is led by energetic firestorm Liz Mauritz (vocals) and rounded out by Zach Duarte (lead guitar), Elias Perez (rhythm guitar), Erasmo "Raz" Garcia (bass), and Roger Steadman (drums).

Now, they are proud to announce their forthcoming EP, "Incandescentdue" out May 25th 2018. Mauritz expands, ""Incandescentis", an exploration of the ebbs and flows of one's mental state, the volatile ups and downs I've experienced in my struggles with mental health." The 7-track EP, tracked at Overcast Recordings and produced by Rick King of King Sound, is a musical representation of emotions experienced in mood cycling episodes. It starts out with fire, a taking-on-the world feeling, which could be interpreted as a sort of manic state. But as the EP progresses, the tone becomes more erratic. The title "Incandescent" was chosen because of the multiple references to light, sparks, and fire woven through the lyrics, but it also represents the passion and intensity with which the record was written.

Off the forthcoming EP, Gold Steps have unleashed the opening track, entitled, "Firestarter." Mauritz expands, ""Firestarter", was written as a sort of underdog anthem about nurturing the spark and building a fire within yourself to persevere and outdo those who don't work as hard, yet feel entitled to success." The song is a testament to the bands work ethic and perseverance.  Fans can stream the track in full, HERE!

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