Fox & Coyote - Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed

Before the release of their full-length album "Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed" was set to debut, alternative folk act Fox & Coyote went ahead by releasing a new single and video of one of the track's off the album titled "Blue Marble". The track on its own, adds a bit of flare to it, as it incorporates several instruments at once, that of which include guitar, banjo, cello, bass, and the drums, into their music, making the whole vibration of sound, become vivid yet unknowing. With that said, the entirety of this album that followed suite, "Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed", is a lot like how "Blue Marble" was played out.

As a matter of fact, "Blue Marble", as well as the opening track "(Don't Tell Me) There's Nothing In My Head", are two of the longest tracks offered upon this release. Each on running around 6 minutes each, while the rest of the material averages in at around 2 to 5 minutes at the most. Not saying that having lengthy tracks is not the thing to do, it is far from it really, no matter the time restraints given, the material is what matters the most from anything else provided. Fox & Coyote's style is again very vivid and rather visual with their music being portrayed as it does on this album of their doing. Even that opener for one, really sucks you in, keeping you in tune with the music occurring at that given moment of timing.

Other notable tracks would be such as "White Spider", "Everything's Just Fine", "Deal", "Any Light", and "Love Is", are probably the more alluring types to be had. Each one is exactly different from the one before it. The music is the same, just as the rest though, it is very vivid, mystical and even sounding relaxing at times of hearing it. Vocalization-wise the lyrical context is very moving and meaningful, keeping the material memorable yet soothing in style.

Like if you were listening to lullabies for babies or adults for instance, that is the type of styling that Fox & Coytoe gives off here with this album "Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed". It may be soothing to some or even too soft for others, but their variation of folk rock music is just that way to them. It is truly unique and original, which makes their take on the genre, that more imaginable to believe and enjoy.

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