Deeper Well - EP II

Deeper Well's debut EP "This Has Nothing To Do With Me" released back in 2015 was the pleaser to many if not all. So of course there had to be another release to follow suite, and in fact there was but not a full-length release, but another EP, this one titled "EP II". This EP being a continuation of the last release, featuring three new tracks of originality, with two cover tracks, the band had been playing within their live sets, so they decided to toss them in on a more rounded level of sound and quality. When listening in to this EP follow-up, the same formula is still well preserved, that punk rock angst, with added flare, keeps the music bubbly and fun. The trio of original material is good, keeping the element of energy infused and well paced, while the cover tracks being an Osker cover of "Going On The Instincts" and Archers Of Loaf cover being "Web In Front", are done really well. The same amount of energy, punk rock fuel is embedded within these cover tracks, being very reminiscence to that of the old school era. All in all, Deeper Well's "EP II", is a superb follow-up release, with lots of energy to spare.

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