Capital North Stream Debut EP And Unveil Video for "Sea/Broken Vessel"

Hard rock dynamic duo Capital North have been busy in preparation for their debut EP, "Sea To Sky", is out, March 2nd, 2018. The band made their official debut earlier this year with the release of their music video for "Glass Houses," directed by Jesse Lynch. Ahead of the EP's release, Capital North has partnered with Substream Magazine for an exclusive early listen of "Sea To Sky", declaring it "a powerful and breathtaking release that you won't be able to tear yourself away from." Go listen to the EP over HERE.

The 6-track EP discusses relatable topics from personal struggles like health, love, and loss to the human condition. Additionally, the band has partnered with idobi Radio to premiere their newest music video, "Sea/Broken Vessel," a track that came to be during a major health struggle in vocalist Jonathan Farrar's life. On the track, the band shares:

"The concept of the song was solidified after we watched Neill Blomkamp's Chappie, and the track was initially named "Transferring Consciousness" as a nod to the film. Within the lyrics for "Broken Vessel," listeners will find themes of rebirth, immortality, and the desire to shed one's ailing physical body (broken vessel), but still retain one's consciousness to essentially live forever. We hope that listeners will find comfort in this message and be able to apply these lyrics and emotions to their own lives in some way."

Check out the video HERE.

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