Weesp Releases New Single and Video for "Not Over"

Weesp have released their new single called "Not Over", off their upcoming album "Black Sails" out soon.

"Not Over" is about the endless struggle with darkness. With the darkness that lives inside each of us. And in the end it’s about accepting that darkness, coexisting with it, controlling it, making friends with it. That is what gives us strength not to get crazy in that world. That is what makes us black sails.

According to the musicians, "Not Over" is one of the most heavy-sounding song from all their discography and guys are saying there’s more to come! Its focused and powerful sound adds new vibes to band’s music and makes you believe that nothing is over yet. Speaking about the album itself, "Black Sails" will be released soon and judging by the released singles, it’s going to be a new turn in Weesp's music.

"Not Over" is available on iTunes and other music platforms. In addition, to the band has also presented an official music video and lyrical video that is now available on YouTube by this link: https://youtu.be/UqD6Gp5fCuA.

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