The Speed Kills Gets Signed And New Music Coming Soon!

The Speed ​​Kills are born in February 2011 by a group of Nemo (voice), Nicholas (guitar), Gabriel (drums) and Marco (bass). From the first group of tests, the ideas are clear and the sound is found with extreme ease in a transversal style that has its roots in both the NWOBHM and the speed / thrash as in punk / hardcore and more rotten and fast rock. 

Within two months, the Speed ​​Kills debut live getting positive signals from the audience. The activity room is hectic and in December the band enters the studio for the recording of his first self-produced demo, "Badass Death", which contains the first 5 pieces compounds. Recordings are completed in January 2012, and begins attvità of product promotion. Participating among others with demo tracks of the compilation "Metal Undergroundzine 3 Years", "Rockoteque Compilation Vol. 1" and "Metal Around The World".

In October 2013, after a year of inactivity due to a serious injury and a season of Nicholas Gabriele study in Sardinia, bassist Marco decides to leave the group. Two months later David (Blindfall, former Electric Fluid) in its stead, as a bass player. In May 2014, Speed ​​Kills begin recording the new EP "Devastation Unleashed", completed in November of the same year; It follows an intense live activity and the composition of new pieces. 

The band is currently working on recording her first full length and has signed the contract with MASD Records. 


Andrea NEMO Sacchetti- voice 
Nicholas Talents - guitar, backing vocals 
Gabriele de Feo - Battery 
David Winery - bass, backing vocals


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