Nucleust Release Video for "The Symphony Of Revenge"

Perth based Australian progressive metal band Nucleust have dropped a new and hard hitting video for "The Symphony Of Revenge". This track comes from the bands debut album "Terra Cerebral" out now.

"The instrumental of the track was written by guitarist Max Palizban with the story in mind, and vocalist Shannon Marston and Max wrote the lyrics together that tells the story of a fictional girl who is raped and her life is affected dramatically by this awful event. Her father who is unhappy with the result of an investigation decides to take matters into his own hands resulting in the demise of the rapist only to find that his vigilante justice, although momentarily satisfying did not remove the pain from his daughter's life. This changed all their lives forever not necessarily for the better. Some wounds will never heal." - Nucleust

Check out the lyrical video of the track HERE.

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