Matt Adey Releases New Song "Broken Wing"

Matt Adey has released a song called "Broken Wing". It's produced by Chris Potter (the Verve - Urban hymes, Rolling stones etc.) "Broken Wing" has an indie feel with an injection of eletronic production, huge strings parts, an 808 drum machine matched with a live kit and Matt's distinctive soaring vocals. The track features Richard Ashcroft's band. 

Lyrically, it is the "get back on the horse" and "get up on your feet" story that we can all relate to: "I just want you to fly " and "You are not your Broken Wing " blast out as the chorus. It's saying that it is ok to be hurt as the struggle to continue is far more important.

Matt has played all over the U.K and the U.S with a residency at the infamous Troubadour and recently finished a successful U.S solo tour. He has featured on the no.1 U.S dance album for Armin Van Burren in 2015 and continues to write for Armada music.

Check out the track HERE.

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